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In the current Osted Report, Inspectors noted that ‘NQTs’ preparation for the challenges of their new role is a strength of the provision.  NQTs approach their induction year with confidence and commitment.


Click on the following links to read more about some of our former trainees’ stories about their training and their successes and achievements as qualified teachers.


Kate’s story (Primary):

Carrieanne’s story (Primary):

Ross’s story (PE):

Ben’s story (PE):

Rebecca’s story (Maths):

Jenny’s story (Primary):

Rachael’s story (Primary):

Leah’s story (Primary):

Antje’s story (Primary);

Dan’s story (PE)


What our trainees have to say about their training year:


“ . . . All in all a fantastic experience which has prepared me well for a career in teaching and only increased my passion for working with children.”


“ . . . a very structured and supported route into teaching. I have learnt so much from working in a school throughout the whole year whilst having specific training sessions at the LDC and at other schools. I have had very supportive school-based trainers and tutors to guide my professional development.


“I would tell someone who was thinking of training here how supportive, individualised, inspiring and fun it has been. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work within a school from autumn until summer in order to develop a deep and secure understanding all of the QTS requirements. As a result of observing outstanding practice in a supportive school I feel sure that I have more confidence going into my NQT year. I also feel that I understand my strengths and weaknesses and that I have had the chance to develop my own personal approaches to teaching the children in my class.”


“Excellent training and support . . . Fantastic host and second schools . . . Quality first hand experiences . . . Generally I really cannot fault the programme. This has been one of the best years of my life and I have loved every minute, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done which has helped to get me to where I am today!”


“The best way to learn to teach for me is to be in a classroom for the full year it enabled me to see progression of the pupils and to be part of a school and be treated as staff . . . Can’t thank any of the tutors enough, loved every minute!”


“It is a very well planned and executed Teacher Training course that does well to cater for Primary and Secondary trainees simultaneously. The host schools are clearly well supported, and not having to find my own host was a significant advantage. The resources given and shared are extensive and the professional development tasks are relevant and valuable to your progress as a trainee. The general atmosphere and expertise generated by the staff at the LDC (a fantastic training facility) is very conducive to the training experience.”


“By far the best and most effective way to go into teaching. Hands on whole school experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Supportive and knowledgeable team of people that really care about your progress and development. Brilliant feedback on lessons, which enables you to set targets for yourself and broaden your knowledge by receiving different opinions rather than just the ones at your school. Would recommend it to everyone!”


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