Welcome to the North Lincolnshire Professional Development Portal, designed to support schools, teaching staff, governors and other professionals and agencies working with schools.  Its aim is to provide up to date information and advice regarding what is available, locally, regionally and nationally, in relation to professional learning opportunities to improve school effectiveness and raise standards.

The purpose behind the Leading Learning – Quality into Practice Web-site is intended to be multi-functional and is hoped, that over time as it evolves, will become a ‘first port of call’ for school based professionals to help them identify the most appropriate means for continuing their own professional development and / or that of their organisation.  The aim, therefore is to provide information and advice about a range of topics.

The local authority is proud of its proven track record of providing high quality services and support to schools and is keen to continue to work with them in this way, developing a new relationship with them to offer the same high quality value for money support.

Simply navigate each theme and follow the links to find information on what is available.

Resources to support Teaching & Learning

A limited number of hard to access resources will be downloadable directly from this site but the main purpose of this portal is to signpost readers to sources of information and resources relevent to all aspects of Teaching & Learning located elsewhere on other web-sites and portals.

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