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This page is where you can find information about North Lincs NtG projects, newsletters and conference resources.

main_logo  In 2014-15, a project called ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day’ was piloted in N Lincs which focuses on removing barriers faced by children in school who are living in poverty. The over-arching principle of ‘Poverty Proofing’ is that no school policy or practice should discriminate on the basis of a pupil’s financial situation.

Run with support from the Newcastle charity ‘Children North East’ it involved six local schools – primary and secondary – and brought together the views of pupils, parents, teachers, school staff and governors. For further information about Children North East please take a look at their website: The project proved to be highly engaging and a powerful tool for change in all six schools and so was then extended so that any school in N Lincs who wishes to can be ‘poverty proofed’. In 2015-16 a further 11 schools were ‘poverty proofed’.

The ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day: Evaluation and Development Report’ by researchers from the education department at Newcastle University was launched in July 2016. One of its key findings was that “This is a high impact programme, which has revealed a huge array of generic issues that are routinely, if unintentionally, stigmatising children living in poverty and contributing to the increasing cost of the school day.” To view the report click here – REPORT

If your school would like to be involved please contact me at ppThe process remains free of charge to N Lincs schools, but be warned, there is a long waiting list!

In the meantime, here are some ‘Top Tips’ to get you thinking … ‘Poverty Proofing Top Tips’

NEW - NCPCC response to new Ofsted Framework – effectiveness of  Pupil Premium spending will now also be looked at under ‘safeguarding’ section (see page 4). safeguarding requirements

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 forest  2015 NtG CONFERENCES Two fabulous NtG conferences were held in June at Forest Pines in Brigg, focused on raising the attainment of vulnerable learners. The keynote speaker for both conferences was Sir John Dunford, the then DfE Pupil Premium Champion. There were also lots of other national speakers of renown as well as presentations from local outstanding schools, which you can download here. Click below to see what you missed! Dunford  Sir John Dunford PRIMARY DAY – June 16th 2015. Click here to get the primary day presentations – click here SECONDARY DAY – June 17th 2015. Click here to get the secondary day presentations – click here

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