Pupil Voice

Pupil voice is a key part of the Whole School Approach and pupils should be engaged and involved in all aspects of school from the school development plan through to school safety.

The DfE have issued statutory guidance about listening to the ‘pupil voice’ and involving pupils in decision making.


Plans and Policies

School Development Plan: Child friendly version – Bottesford Infants (link http://www.bottesfordinfants.co.uk/our-school-development-plan-2015-16-child-version/)

Anti-bullying policy – Pupil friendly Secondary version: Winterton Community Academy

Peer / Buddy / Mini Mentor Schemes

Mini (Infants), Buddy (Primary) and Peer (Secondary) mentors support young people who experience problems in school.  They help them to communicate and understand their feelings, set possible targets and work towards them, interact successfully with others and resolve conflicts peaceably.

Mini mentor training consists of one afternoon for Year 2 children.

Buddy training is for 2 afternoons for Years 5/6 and Peer Mentor training is 2 full days for Year 10/11 students.

Booklets for buddy and peer mentor training are available from Mags and Helen.

Further training for buddy and peer mentors to become cyber mentors can be obtained from Helen.

Additional training for peer mentors to become SEN mentors can be gained from Kathy.Smith@northlincs.gov.uk and healthy relationship mentors or mental health mentors from Helen.Parker@northlincs.gov.uk or Mags.Smithson@northlincs.gov.uk

School Council

Looking for new ideas for your school council?  Contact Mags.Smithson@northlincs.gov.uk for more details.

Do you fancy taking your school council to visit the Houses of Parliament?             

Check the link below to see when the booking line is  open for school visits to Parliament. All visits include a tour of the Palace of Westminster and an educational workshop, and they are open to students aged 7 – 18. A transport subsidy is available to some schools to help with travel costs. Call 020 7219 4496 to book a school visit to Parliament. The tour round Parliament is free of charge.


Young Voice

North Lincolnshire have a very strong Young Voice.  Young people are involved in a range of projects involving body image, mental health, LGBT.  They are regularly consulted with regard to the commissioning of services as well as the further development of services in the community.

For further Young Voice participation, activities or to speak to a member of the team see http://www.northlincs.gov.uk/people-health-and-care/children-and-young-people/services-for-young-people/young-voice-activities/

Young voice update – Edition 8 can be found at http://www.northlincs.gov.uk/people-health-and-care/children-and-young-people/services-for-young-people/young-voice-activities/young-voice-news-update/

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