Aims & How Education Inclusion Officers Can Help

The service monitors the education of all young people in the care of North Lincolnshire and pupils placed in North Lincolnshire schools by other authorities. It aims to support the inclusion of looked after children in mainstream schools and reduce the number in special and residential placements.

The Education Inclusion team works closely with the Virtual Head Teacher to provide support to children, schools, social workers, carers and other partner agencies. Education Inclusion Officers work in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges, providing advice & guidance to support the progress of looked after children and young people.

  • The key aims are:
  • Raising the attainment and achievement of all Looked after Children
  • Preventing exclusion
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Monitoring suitable education and an appropriate learning environment for Looked after Children
  • Advising and supporting social workers and foster carers on educational issues.


Referrals for ‘looked after children’ can be made to the service by schools, social workers and foster carers. Referrals are made in the categories of attendance, behaviour, achievement, homework/study skill support or educational placement. Referrals are co-ordinated through case management meetings.

Attendance concerns are followed up by the service who together with the education welfare officer will provide advice support.

Behavioural problems are addressed by the service working together with the behaviour support service team to advise, support and suggest strategies for behaviour management.

Educational placements are obtained with the help of admissions officers and the SEN department and supported by the team.

The Education Inclusion Officers review personal education plans for each LAC and attend care reviews if appropriate.

Education Inclusion Officers are happy to meet regularly with teachers, social workers and carers to discuss a child/young person’s needs and the support that is being given.

The Education Inclusion team provides training and support to designated teachers for LAC on their role in advocating and supporting children in care.

Together with Social Work Managers the Education Inclusion Team monitor and quality assure Personal Education Plans.

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